my rent the runway monthly experience

October 3, 2019

A couple years ago I tried Rent the Runway for a wedding guest dress, but recently I heard talk of RTR really stepping it up for a monthly clothes service. I figured now that I am pregnant but not really wanting to buy maternity clothing I would try it. Turns out, their maternity section is pretty decent! Lots of wedding guest dresses, work tops and maternity sweaters and pants. There are two options, a $69 monthly service where you pick 4 items for the whole month and unlimited which is something around $150 and you can swap those 4 items as much as you want during the month. I decided to try the $69 promo, which I believe goes up to $80. They always try and suck you in and then upcharge for the other monthly; very clever. I loved the experience and thought it was worth it alone for the below dress!


Red Maternity dress RTR


I'll walk you through what I got in my first shipment below, but I was unhappy with the sizing I chose on two items and decide to pay the $2.99 switch out fee to select two different items. You are allowed to pay this fee and switch out the size on any items or switch out the item entirely if you hate it. I would have switched out both the below items but the small sizes sell out really fast and they were not available. 


Jcrew RTR sweater blazer above. I got size S and should have gotten XXS the first time around. Jcrew sizing is weird and I overestimated how big I got while pregnant. Turns out for open blazers and cardigans I am the same size I used to be. Same goes for the below Free People blazer. I got size small and should have got XS, but it was sold out when I went back to exchange it so I swapped out for another blazer. 


I also got these Jbrand maternity jeans which were amazing! I'm considering continuing to rent these for a couple months to come but as my bump gets bigger I think I need a full elastic pair so I don't get saggy jean butt.  


 This is the blazer I swapped it out for and holy moly is this the best part of RTR in my opinion. This is a $450 blazer and I basically rented it or $15. I felt like a business queen in this blazer and it was the perfect fit and length. 



Their customer service department was awesome in responding to my first-timer questions and I am absolutely continuing this service for the rest of my pregnancy. I'll make sure to share what I get next month. I get to make my new selections this week and I plan on swapping out all my items for some maternity fall sweaters. 


As usual, this post is not sponsored and just my opinion but lately I have been hearing in the news that Rent the Runway is no longer accepting new subscription customers and that they are having a complete overhaul in management. So far, I have still had a great experience but we will see if I am able to get my next shipment in a timely manner. 




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