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September 4, 2019

My goal this pregnancy with my wardrobe was to remain comfortable, but not to buy a ton of maternity clothes. Between my work wardrobe and my 'weekend wardrobe' I usually have a few pieces that crossover. For example I wear my work blazers and jean/olive jackets both to work and out so I figured throughout my pregnancy I would keep up that theme. In order to do that, I had to make sure I had a few pairs of maternity jeans and work pants that could fit as my belly grew. So plan has gotten me through, except for a few tank tops that grew too tight and too short around my belly, so I will be needing a few actual maternity plain cotton base shirts here before too long. 



I ended up purchasing these H&M maternity suit pants and they are so amazing I wear them at least 3 days a week to work. I also was recommended old navy elastic waist jeans that are not maternity but work perfectly well with my large belly. Besides that I have a pair of skinny maternity jeans with the elastic that goes all the way up over my belly. 


Wearing my typical all black with this amazing Madewell jean jacket.  (on super sale)


For this, I already had a great collection and I am just wearing what I already own. I like to stick with a plain base of a black top and dark jeans and then layer any jacket over time. This has pretty much been my pregnancy uniform. 


Base layers

I need to work on this but right now the below dresses are my base layer a lot of times if not I wear this set of H&M long tanks a ton.


Forgiving dresses

Before getting pregnant, I NEVER wore dresses casually it was just not my thing. This summer especially you can find me living in dresses. Because I don't have any maternity shorts, dresses are the coolest option and it is so nice not to be feeling weighed down or pulled in by tons of elastic. I love these from Target and I have this button dress down (on sale for $3!) I have been wearing with various jackets. 



I did just decide to do Rent the Runway Update, a $69 monthly subscription that allows you to pick 4 items a month. I'll do a full post on this but I got a maternity dress for an upcoming wedding, a structured cardigan for work, a blazer, and a pair of side elastic paneled maternity jeans. 





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