my favorite gold jewelry

August 19, 2019

This summer especially I have become extremely fond of gold jewelry and find myself never taking it off. Sorry for all the awkward angles below but this is the best way I found to photograph my everyday basic gold jewelry. Zach gifted me this herringbone real gold necklace that i never take off and is in all the below pictures and all the other pieces are either gold plated or not real gold. I think if you invest in a few great gold pieces and then layer in less expensive pieces you can make a few pieces last forever while still changing up your look. I liked all the pieces below including my new favorite apple watch band. 


Cuffed by Nano is one of my favorite places (local to Columbus) to get jewelry. They are coming out with new necklaces each month and I have my eye on this necklace for when baby is born!


 herringbone necklace // camelet necklace

herringbone necklace // double horn necklace 

mallorca shell bracelet // wine cuff 

hoops earrings // herringbone necklace // no rain no flowers necklace 


apple watch band (comes in all the metal colors)





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