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August 9, 2019

When thinking of the nursery we knew we wanted to bring in lots of warm woods but other than that no theme was really narrowed down. What we are imagining is still hard to describe to people but the below inspiration picture from Serena and Lily is called "old wordly / safari vibe" so that is what we are using to describe it. Our current 'nursery' room in the house is the most hideous bright pink you can imagine so a little paint is going to go a long way. Unfortunately everything in the picture below is about $700 each so we took some liberties and I designed up what I thought was a happy medium of all our inspiration pictures. I did this on a nursery theme board so we could really lay out what we were thinking. This design would not have changed if we were having a boy or a girl. Even though, the runner-up to this design was an aviation themed nursery. 


Here is our inspiration from Pinterest:

 source: Serena and Lily




We want to bring in lots of blank accents with fabric to warm up the place and create a boho vibe. 




We want waaay less white than what is in this picture. See below for what we are imagining the nursery will really end up looking like. We already have a great map of America in the 1500s that we plan to hang. I"m sure this will end up looking a little different once we are finished in 9 months but here are the plans:



crib // rug // leather glider // leather poof // black crib blanket // mobile // felted wool elephant // wooden bead light (not pictured)


Zach has already ripped out the shelving in the closet that was cheap and plans on building the above barn doors. We have already painted the room in White Heron by Sherwin Williams and ordered this stencil from Etsy and plan on using a charcoal colored paint to stencil at least the main wall. Zach replaced all the outlet and light switch covers with black and plans on building floor to ceiling corner shelves to put all his books on. 


So exciting! We'll keep you updated on the progress on Instagram and reveal the final look once it is done. 



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