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July 31, 2019



How far along are you?

Right now I am 16 weeks. The baby is due January 10th, we originally thought January 4th, but at my first appointment found out the baby was not where we thought!


Were you morning sick?

Luckily, no not at all. I was so happy that I never felt nauseous because I don't know how I would have gotten through tradeshows and my crazy work schedule. From weeks 6-9 and especially when we were in Hawaii I would get the 'meat sweats' and not be able to eat at all when my entree came so I just stuck to smaller meals. I am not eating as clean as I used to and have been loving ice cream, Eggos, little debbies and all the fun processed food. 


Are you still able to run/exercise?

I was pretty tired the first trimester but nothing too bad. Everyday when I come from work I still walk Oslo our usual mile.  Some days I would be able to turn around and run after the walk and others I would have to nap on the couch. Now that I am out of the first trimester I am not running anymore because the pressure on my bladder feels weird but I am still biking, lifting, and power walking. I try to workout whenever I can in this awful Ohio heat!


Trying to conceive journey?

We both wanted kids and had been trying for about 8 months before we found out we were pregnant. 8 months is considered a 'normal' timeframe that it takes to get pregnant but we were really starting to feel frustrated those last few months and that nothing was working. We are lucky that it happened for us but I can only imagine what people go through that have been trying without success for years. It was always hurtful when people would ask when we were planning on having kids and we would make up some excuse that we were waiting until after this trip or that trip to start trying. My point is never ever ask people when they are trying because you never know what they are going through. They could have just lost a baby, been trying for 2 years or have decided they never even want kids. I think its fine to ask after someone is pregnant about their conceiving journey but probing beforehand is a slippery slope. 



Any weird cravings?

Nothing super weird like couch cushions or dirt but I will think of something completely random like a peanut butter sandwich on white bread with the crusts cut off and have to have it. The list of these things is Japanese Steakhouse mushroom soup, pistachio marshmallow salad, Cosmic brownies, frosted animal crackers, soda (all the soda and I never drank soda in my life before this), greek lemon chicken soup, and olives. I'm sure the list will continue.  Besides all this I really want soup all the time, and poor Zach is stuck eating soup for dinner while its 95 degrees out. 


Have you bought any maternity clothes yet?

I have not been able to button my work pants for the last 3 weeks so I bought this pair of the exact same suit pants in maternity from H&M. The only other thing I have purchased so far is extra long work tank tops. I plan on doing a full post on this but I am planning on sort of a capsule maternity wardrobe. For both work and weekends, if I get a few good base items and stick to neutrals, I plan on wearing those base items with different blazers and jackets throughout the pregnancy. I am still able to fit in my favorite jeans but this belly band has been saving me and I wear it every day to work. 


Do you have a name picked out?

Crazy story around this one. When I was only 6 weeks pregnant a family friend that we never see ran into my parents and said she had a premonition that I was pregnant. My parents were not allowed to tell anyone yet so they just brushed it off and told her that I was not. Fast forward to the end of June, I saw this family friend at a wedding when I was 12 weeks pregnant and told her the great news. She cried and said she also had a premonition that the baby was a boy! We knew we were finding out the gender the following week so we thought this was crazy. Pushing our luck, we asked her to guess the name as well and the name she said was the top name on our list! How crazy is that!? So we have a name picked out that we are 98% sure we are using but are not ready to share yet. We haven't decided if that will for sure be the name or we want to wait until we see the little guy first. 


What was it like being pregnant at a bachelorette party?

Not so bad! There was actually another pregnant lady on the trip with me but overall I love to travel and meet new people so I knew I would have a blast either way. Being at a bar sober was quite the research experience but for the most part I would just go home early. Waking up fresh the next day was amazing and on Sunday I caught the 7am flight home since I knew I wouldn't be hungover. 


Is your doggy really excited to have a brother?

So you know how they say dogs can sense the pregnancy? Oslo pretty much doesn't seem to notice at all. He has met Charlie a few times and takes quite the interest in smelling him and doesn't seem to mind when he cries. That is a great sign because I have heard older greyhounds can get really stressed out with newborns. I think Oslo will be fine until there is crawling toddler in his space. We will of course teach all our kids early on how to behave around animals without hitting/pulling their hair. 




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