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July 24, 2019

Sam, how do you like the Jergens wet shower moisturizer that you shared on stories?

I actually love it more than I thought. I was weirded out at first putting lotion on wet in the showing and then immediately drying it off but the best part is you don't have that sticky feeling of putting lotion on after the shower, especially in the hot summer. For me there is very little tanner smell and the mouisturizer sticks with me all day. As for the self tanning aspect it is very subtle and I'm not sure would make much different in the winter. I do notice it especially on my feet, hands and arms but I would supplement with another self tanner in the winter. 9/10 would recommend and I will for sure be buying again. 


What foundation do you both use? Do you change your makeup routine in the summer?

Karissa: I don't really use a real foundation-- I still use this tinted CC cream but, have been switching it with this one (I used it during pregnancy because my usual has retinoid in it which is said to be unsafe during pregnancy). Luckily, they are both very light weight  and have an SPF so I use them year long!


Sam: I still use the Estee Lauder double wear foundation and I have for years. It is the best coverage and stays on all day. The real game changer is I have been using a foundation paddle to put it on this summer for a lighter, more airbrushed look and love it. I have a cheap one from the drugstore but it looks like this one from Tarte




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