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July 17, 2019


Looking for a carry-on travel bag that could go under the airline seat. It has to zip, have a hand strap and a shoulder strap.

Sam: I agree with these qualifications and that is hard to find! I think this monogram tote that zips is your best bet but also this small duffle would be really great. I think it would still fit under the airplane seat if you didn't stuff it all the way full. 


Karissa: I think that this could be a great option- it expands so if you acquire more things on your trip you can make it bigger! Also, depending on how much space you need- this could work too, I think technically it's a diaper bag... but you'd never know!


Karissa- Where do you find most of Charlies clothes? I'm struggling to find things!

We love Baby Gap! I would say most of the things I have bought for him are from there- they are pretty good quality and they have super cute/casual things. We also love looking at the sale rack at Janie and Jack (I hate paying a lot for something he wears for like two months max).


Did you guys shop the Nordstrom/Amazon sale? What have you gotten!?

Karissa: I did not! I've honestly tried to stop spending and start saving a little bit more. It's been hard and I basically "Marie Kondo-ed" my instagram to resist temptation. 


Sam: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale frustrates me because for a week straight every blogger is talking about how you must have three $20 leopard cardigans and 5 pairs of boots. I really appreciate the bloggers that take the time to sift through the sale for quality items at an insane sale price. I think spending $2,000 on cheap items just because they are $20 off the original price is a waste of time. If you take a look at your wardrobe and see what items you are really looking to get to fill out a great quality capsule wardrobe and add one or two things then the sale is a good idea. Items that I have bought in years past from the sale like Paige jeans and blazers I still wear weekly because they are staple items in my wardrobe. Anyways, now that my rant is over I did buy one thing this Madewell Jean jacket. I have been looking for a good quality jean jacket and the options I have bought at Old Navy or Shein in the past I do not wear because of bad fit. Madewell never goes on sale more than 20% off so this deal was too good to pass up. I didn't get any jeans or blazers this year because everything was close to what I already owned. 



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