June 26, 2019


What are some cute coverup ideas just for a pool party, not necessarily for the beach?

Sam: I like the idea of just wearing a cute strapless dress or a jumpsuit over your bathing suit for the pool party. Chances are once you are in the pool, you'll change afterwards anyway. I would wear a strapless bikini and then put a cute jumpsuit like this or this overtop. 


Karissa: I love the idea of wearing cute flowy pants! I think that thisthis or this would be the perfect way to coverup for the pool!


What shows are you currently watching?

Karissa: Honestly, with Brad home on paternity leave we've been watching soooo much ESPN (ugh). I feel like I'm never sitting long enough to watch a show. I have been watching Jane The Virgin, Dynasty, The Bachelor and The Bold Type when I can squeeze in time!


Sam: Right now we are in a show rut and we started VEEP from the beginning because we love that show! We are also watching Ballers and Big Little Lies. Well, Zach refuses to watch Big Little Lies. Last week he walked in when Laura Dern was screaming in the car and said 'seems like a quality show'.


Sam, where is your go-to place to shop for blazers for work?

It used to be H&M and they still have great blazers, but I have found the best quality for your money is Zara. Their sale is going on right now and I love this one and this one. I have found that it is best to just go try their stuff on if you have a store near you. Some of their items can look a bit edgy on the models but are just great quality work pieces!


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