Charlie's birth story

June 14, 2019

Hello! Long time no talk-- I cannot believe little man is already four weeks- the time has flown by! Charles Augustus... aka Charlie was born 8 days late on May 17th, I tried everything to get the little man out (spicy foods, dancing, long walks, bouncing on a ball) and nothing worked, so I was induced. It was 100% the worst thing I've ever been through, but in the end sooooo worth it.



8:00am on May 16th we walked into the hospital, I was so nervous and anxious. I was about 1cm dilated and had been for about a week. They inserted the foley bulb, which was probably the most uncomfortable part of the whole "labor" experience. If you're unfamiliar, it's basically a water balloon that they insert inside you, and when it falls out you're about 4cm dilated. It was basically a longgg waiting game until it came out- I bounced on a ball, but, mostly just laid down and watched tv. It finally came out while I was on the toilet around 5:00pm. After that, we essentially had to wait for my water to break, and for me to become completely dilated. My contractions were so terrible I ended up getting my epidural during that time- people complain about how terrible the epidural is but, it didn't bother me at all! Things seemed to be going well but then little man's heart rate dropped while I was laying on my left.  About a million nurses came in moved me, put me on oxygen, and they ended up breaking my water. Honestly, it was absolutely terrifying, but thankfully his heart rate went back up... at least for the time being. That night mostly consisted of the nurses flipping me so the epidural would be more effective, then Charlie's heart rate would drop and they would move me again, it was scary, I was exhausted and uncomfortable, and could not stop shaking (p.s. shaking is completely normal and happens to lots of women while in labor)! I think I finally fell asleep and the nurse came in worried because my heart rate was so high so she took my temperature and I had a fever. I had Chorioamnionitis aka a bacterial infection, that thankfully didn't give me or Charlie any major issues. After they gave me the antibiotic, the whole night/morning is a blur. Before we knew it I was 10 cm dilated and it was time to start pushing. I pushed for about an hour and at 6:20am he made his appearance into the world! 

I've been spending the last four weeks attempting to recover. It's crazy what your body goes through, and while I feel better and better everyday, I still have a long ways to go! Charlie, spends most of his day sleeping, eating, and pooping. And, as for Brad, he's been spending his days playing golf games on his iPad, taking unexpected naps and working on house projects- yeah, I'm only slightly jealous! And, as for Fitzy- he started out scared of Charlie, but now loves giving him kisses and stealing his binky-- don't worry we sanitize them :)




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