baby showers

April 12, 2019

WARNING: the blog post you are about to read contains A LOT of photos :) - Happy Friday, friends! I cannot believe Bradley and I are only 4 weeks from our due date! We couldn't be more excited to meet our little man, and thanks to our two baby showers- he is so spoiled. We are so lucky to have the best friends and family that are willing to spoil the little guy, and bring him lots of amazing gifts!

We had two showers (note to pregnant people, when you're 7-8 months pregnant, showers are the MOST exhausting!). The first shower was held in Brad's hometown in Cleveland, hosted by his aunts. It was at the Cedar Creek Grille in the cutest private room. This shower was smaller with mostly family and a few of Brad's family-friends! They went with an elephant themed shower- and it was adorable!




The second shower was held in a suburb of Columbus at a community center close to our home. The shower was a joint effort put together by my Mom, my sister-in-law and her mom, and 3 of my besties-- Hannah, Carlye and Sam. They honestly did a great job, they made alllll the food and themed it to storybooks! Everything else at the shower went with a bow-tie/ little man theme which I was obsessed with (if you didn't know, I love bow ties)! This shower was also co-ed! I'm sure all the boys weren't thrilled about coming to a baby shower but, after all it isn't just my baby... it's Brad's too so we wanted to celebrate that! We had so much fun catching up with everyone, eating all the foods, and opening all the adorable things! Again, how did we get so lucky!?






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