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May 1, 2019



What is your skin care routine? Daily as well as weekly and/or monthly.

Sam: I really wish that I could be using night oils and retinol every night because it would help with aging and erasing scars on my face, but I have had trouble in the past with dermatitis and my skin will break out if I use too much oil. The following is my revised skin care routine once I found out oil was causing some of my issues. I would love to bring it back because oil is such a great overnight moisturizer for your skin, especially Vitamin A or C. Right now when I wake up I wash my face in the shower with this lush charcoal bar and then use this Cetaphil moisturizer before putting make up on. As soon as I get home from work I wash my makeup off with Ponds, then use Witch Hazel toner. Later, before bed I will trade off using this eye cream or retinol every other night or just put Witch Hazel on again with nothing else. Occasionally I'll use this clearing gel overnight, it literally opens up your pores and spews out all the nasty. I also shave my face with this on Sundays. It is my solution to having my makeup go on smoother and not paying for dermaplaning facials every month. Phew, sounds like a lot when you write it all out but it only takes minutes out of my day.


Karissa: My skin routine is very similar to Sams--- we've learned from each other! Right now, I've been making sure to wash my face EVERY night- during this pregnancy if I've skipped a day of washing it I find a new pimple very soon after. I wash my face with the same Ponds Sam mentioned, and a wash cloth. I then use Micellar water to get off any pesky eye make up or foundation I may have missed, I then use the Witch Hazel Toner (again, the same one as Sam) and finish off with this Skinlongevity serum and maybe a moisturizer if I'm feeling super dry. I recently switched all my make up (apparently my beloved Tarte contains retinol which is not recommended during pregnancy) and I don't know if its the serum or the new bare minerals make up but my skin has not looked this healthy in a loooong time (my pores are smaller and less noticeable!). In the morning I honestly don't do much other than use the serum again. I try and shave my face (with the same shaver Sam uses) about once every other week!


Any tips for storing clothes? Do you pack up items seasonally?

Karissa: Well, I have a whole closet dedicated to my shoes and dresses, but, my clothes basically stay in the same place all year long. I try to get rid of clothes I don't wear every season so I'm not holding on to a bunch of things I never wear and that helps with any space issues! I recommend the Marie Kondo method of folding to help maximize your space!


Sam: Basically, I have commandeered over half of all three closets in the house and a large portion of the basement. I have a ton of shoes! I do rotate out my main closet seasonally especially with work clothes. I use the Marie Kondo style of folding to keep all my workout clothes, tshirts and basics in my closet at all times. I rotate out the heavy sweaters and work tops according to season. 


Sam, what are the super comfortable work shoes you linked on Insta stories?

These Jcrew Factory Edie loafers are my favorite and I have them in two colors now. Because they are leather they do not ever give me a blister on the back of my heel and they have molded to my foot. I also love Steve Madden mules like these for work. 


Karissa, when is your due date!? Are you guys all ready?!

I'm due May 9th! Sooooo basically any day now. We are as ready as we are gonna be - I have to get on Brad to get his hospital bag together, and re-install the car seat since he decided yesterday was a good day to get a new car (no, I'm not stressed about it--ha). The nursery is all done and his laundry is all clean so we are ready when he is!



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