Table talk

April 24, 2019



I'm getting ready to travel to Hilton Head for summer and looking for a great summer beach hat, any suggestions?

Sam: This Madewell hat is a little different but I love it! I also like the fedora style straw hats like this


Karissa: I love this floppy straw hat- would be perfect for the beach! I honestly love a baseball cap for the beach though, something like this would be great!


What do you think of the bike short trend?

Karissa: I wish I loved it because... well, I love leggings and I love shorts but I cannot get behind this. I did just buy these high waisted shorts that are a little shorter than the bike short to wear postpartum though lol.


Sam: I think it's funny because I ride my bike all the time and get made fun of whenever I wear my padded bike shorts and now women are going out wearing all cotton bike shorts. I just half to laugh at the trends sometimes. I would say I am not a fan and would only consider wearing it around the house at night if I was too cold for shorts but not warm enough for leggings. 


Living in the Pacific Northwest is not as fun during the spring, what are some cute stylish raingear options?

Karissa: I love this casual rain jacket and think that this one would be perfect for a more dressed up look. I also think a waterproof chelsea boot like this is so versatile and practical! 


Sam:  I think the classic Hunter boots are very chic and with that I would get a great jacket like this


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