table talk

April 17, 2019


Graduation season is upon us, any suggestions for nice, white dresses?

Karissa: I think that something simple like this or this would be perfect for graduation! I would honestly make sure you wear killer shoes and accessories--- because that's all anyone sees anyways!


Sam: I feel like with Graduation it is important that your white dress is not hanging out the bottom of your gown, so stick with something right below the knee or shorter. I love this classic dress and you could save it for your engagement party later haha. I also like the idea of doing a jumpsuit for graduation like this chic eyelet one


What hair ties do you use for working and and what do you use for ting your hair up at night?

Sam: When working out I mostly use the non-crimp hair ties like these. I got a great one from my sister in law from the Blow out Bars in Columbus that is a little smaller in diameter but I can't find the link. When I sleep or tie my hair up at night in a tiny half pony I use these scrunchies. I've been wanting to try these silk scrunchies. 


Karissa: I have these (which I think are the ones Sam mentioned because I found them at the Blowout Bar!). They are the best for workouts, sleep or holding that messy bun :)


Since spring is here, what home projects are you both working on?

Karissa: Currently finishing up the nursery! (I think it's actually done) Next, I will continue to bug Bradley about redoing our floors and updating our last bathroom!


Sam: Zach has been building shelves in our garage that are built into the wall and hold all our bikes, Costco supplies and other random garage needs. We also just got a new sectional so we are selling our current living room furniture to get ready for the couch. I also want to get a set of chairs to flank the couch like these. It's hard to style the living room around a dog bog that is about the size of a couch!


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