wide-leg trousers

April 14, 2019

I'm not sure when the trend for wide-leg brightly colored and patterned trousers started but I am all over it! I love breaking out of the norm and dressing kind of crazy for work, and I've found that I have been wearing my fun trousers for events like Karissa's baby shower as well since I am not a 'dress' girl. 


These Something Navy trousers are the best fabric, very thin and lightweight but expensive feeling.  The price point on these is a lot higher than what I would normally pay but I plain on wearing them in all seasons. 


The trick for me to making oversized wide-leg pants look great is making sure you are paring them with a plain colored and tight top. To keep thing interesting I like to wear them with a mock-neck sleeveless top like this. I love these tops and also wear them under blazers to work. This one from Express is excellent and the one I'm wearing above is Something Navy


These above Forever 21 olive green pants have sold out but here is a similar option. I wore these all summer and then again in winter with my black thin turtleneck and ankle booties. 


I LOVE this red pair from Express. 

To really make a statement, you could go for this amazing pair from Zarah. 


I'm also loving the wide-leg cropped jeans trend as well, but I'll let you know if I end up getting a pair. 




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