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April 4, 2019




What are some spring/summer accessories that won't break the bank? Especially loving the straw purse trend. 

Karissa:  I am loving that straw purse trend! I love this crossbody and think that this colorful tote is adorable! I also love a pair of bright and bold earrings for spring/summer- I have these ones and can't wait to wear them all summer long!


Sam: I am not only loving the straw purse trend, but tying on differnent colored silk scarfs to the purses like this. The best place I have seen cute straw purses is Zara. Check out this beauty. I also love this bamboo bag on amazon. 


Karissa, how did you pick where to register for your baby?

Honestly, I always knew where I wanted to register! We registered at Pottery Barn Kids and Target. I have been obsessed with PB for as long as I can remember so it was an easy choice-- and Target is just Target- easy for returns and they're all over making it easy for people to shop! 


Sam, can you link all your suits from your Amazon try on?

Absolutely! I got all my bathing suits online this year because nothing is worse than going to the mall to try them on and taking off 30 layers. This white tassel suit was by far my favorite and the best quality although it took about 30 days to arrive. I also kept this olive green two piece and ended up returning this off the shoulder bathing suit only because it was not my style. Can't beat a full bathing suit for less than $20. 


What are your must-have sandals for summertime?

Karissa: I'm anticipating my summer being pretty causal especially once little man gets here-- I'll probably be living in these (again) this year, and just got these which I'm sure I will wear a lot too! I am also really wanting these espadrilles because they're cute, and a little more dressed up without being completely over the top!


Sam: I love this classic Steven Madden sandal and found them for 1/3 of the price on Amazon here


Outfit ideas for Easter?

Sam: I'm a huge fan of taking any random sundress you have in the closest and throwing a jean jacket over it to make an Easter outfit. If you are planning getting a jumpsuit for a summer vacation this one is a stunner and would look great with a jean jacket over top for Easter. 


Karissa: The weather is so crazy in Ohio that makes it hard to plan ahead! I don't think you can go wrong with a pair of white jeans, a sweater and some cute shoes! I've also been eyeing this dress which I think would be so cute for Easter!




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