table talk

March 20, 2019

What is your evening skincare routine?

Sam: Right now washing with Ponds, then putting on Witch Hazel and then either this Retinol or this eye cream. I switch off!


Karissa: Mine is more or less the same as Sam's! I wash my face with the ponds and then use the witch hazel toner! I usually put on this face lotion which has been really helping my dry skin. 


Sam, did you like the new self tanner you posted about on insta stories?

Yes, loved it! I have been using this Skinceuticals with this cheap Amazon mitt. While I still don't really like the smell of this self tanner it really works and doesn't look orangey. I always shower in the mornings so I put it on before bed and wash it off. 


Karissa, what stroller/car did you end up getting??

I did so much research and loved the features and reviews on this one. Thankfully, Brads mom got it for us on sale - but, we haven't played with it yet... I'll keep you posted on my thoughts on it!




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