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March 17, 2019

I don't know why but I have never thought of Amazon as a great place to buy clothing Lately I have seen such so many people posting 'amazon hauls' and they all look like great buys! I figured why not try it, especially if the items are Amazon Prime and can so easily be returned. They key is to absolutely make sure the item is sold by Amazon and on prime rather than a third party seller. I have bought a couple bathing suits on Amazon that took a month to come in and looked terrible. Like a bad bathing suit off one of the China-direct websites. When I went to return they said they would offer me 30% or I could give to a friend. What the heck!


Anyway, the below items are some recent finds that I have been loving. Scroll further below for outfit details on this great Amazon sweater. 


This maxi dress is great for the beach and the fabric is textured so it almost looks like wrinkles so it perfect for packing on vacation and not worry about ironing. 


This olive green bathing suit was pretty cheap for a two piece set and came in a little greener than I imagined but the fit was incredible and felt like it would stay up during crashing ocean waves. Bonus because this comes in like 15 colors. 


I just ordered these shorts for Zach and they were surprisingly a great quality and come in a ton of colors. Unfortunately he had to return because I didn't realize they were a 7" inseam which is way too short for someone 6' 3", but anyone shorter they would be perfect for!

 Amazon Sweater // Bracelet // Black Jeans // Booties






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