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March 13, 2019



Have either of you been reading any good books lately outside of the book club book?

Sam: Yes! I recently got a kindle and have been blowing through books. With the time change I have been staying up until midnight to read. I am about to finish Hopeless by Colleen Hoover (our favorite book club author) and it is 10 stars amazing! 


Karissa: I just read Confess by Colleen Hoover (like Sam said, we love her!). I finished it soooo quickly and it was so good. Other than that I've mostly been reading parting/pregnancy books lol.


Can you recommend a good pair of white denim without holes that is thick enough to not be see through?

Karissa: I have this pair, and I do not think they are see-through! This pair is a little more pricey but I've heard great things!


Sam: This is always tough to find and you want to make sure the jeans are not too tight. This pair from Everlane has great reviews and I have seen on many other people. The bottom is a little flared. 


Karissa, what diaper bag are you getting for when the baby arrives?

I am loving this bag, I just need to decide what color before I buy-- yes, it's a little more than I'd like to spend on a diaper bag (but, I'm also pretty cheap)... but a classic that I'll be able to use for multiple babes.


Looking to spruce up my living room for spring, what is one thing you would recommend?

For sure make a trip to Target for inspiration. Definitely, change out the throw pillows and getting a new large plant. If you have a black thumb we would recommend getting a fake fiddle leaf ficus like this one (a steal!). 




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