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March 6, 2019

Looking for a nude shoe to wear to a wedding, what would you suggest?

Karissa: I have these in black and am obsessed, I can wear them all night without my feet hurting, plus they're so versatile you can wear them with anything! I think they come in another height if you want more of a heel!


Sam: I am a huge fan of Aldo because their shoes are so comfortable I can last through a whole wedding up until about 10pm when Get Low comes on. I love and own these nude pumps


What do you wear to sporting events when you don't have a t-shirt for that team?

Sam: This is a tough one and i always feel like I don't have enough casual clothes. I was just thinking this the other day and ordered this $12 white crewneck (sized up to medium). I figured I could always play it safe with just jeans a super plain sweatshirt. I usually end up wearing something simple and plain with white sneakers or my knock-off allbirds


Karissa: I keep telling Brad I want a baseball hat that says "sports" for this very reason. I don't think you can go wrong with a plain tee and a jean jacket and black jeans. I'm also all about a flannel or casual t-shirt dress in the teams colors!


Thoughts on purchasing clothing/shoes off Poshmark?

Karissa: I've definitely purchased a few things off Poshmark, but am sure to look at all the pictures, and ask lots of questions if necessary (I especially love things that are new with tags!). I think you can find some really great things on there for reasonable prices. I've also had pretty good luck with selling things too-- highly recommend trying it!


Sam: I have had a lot of mixed success with this! There are horror stories of people literally ordering clothes stained with poop but this has not happened to me. Most of what I have been ordering is gently used. I usually am browsing for something specific like Levi's 501 jeans or Solodus slides and I hit the little heart simple to create a collection of 'likes' for what I am looking for. Then I will sell my items until I get a Poshmark credit on my account and buy the best one. For the items that I have bought that have not fit, I just resell them on my own Poshmark account for about the same amount of money. 


Have you ever wanted to do a capsule wardrobe?

Sam: So because my work wardrobe is business professional and I immediately get home and change into sweats I felt like it never would work for me. But I have been seeing more posts on this and I thought why not try it for all my casual clothes! This would be weeknight dinners and weekend wear. My favorite post so far on this is Fashion Jackson's. She has the most classic style and wore 30 looks with just 18 items. What I love about her post is that many of the items could easily be worn to the office for me. Taking the time to lay out only the capsule items in your closet and moving out the rest is the first step!


Karissa: I would love to try a capsule wardrobe.  For me, I have to wear pretty specific things to work so I'm not sure it would really work. But, since I'm off in the summer I'd love to try it for my everyday summer outfits. Although, I own/wear/love too many dresses so it would be super tough. 



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