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February 27, 2019

I'm buying my first home and have no idea where to start with decor. My budget is pretty low, but would love recommendations on how to make a home come together. 

Sam: I love to first layout my room design in an app or website like DesignFiles. That way the whole room is planned out and styed well before I start shopping. My go-to shopping sources are World Market for rugs, Target for accent chairs and decor and Wayfair for coffee & side tables. If you are lost for inspiration check out Studio McGee's Instagram or Amber Interiors, they are my favorites and look for similar budget places at the places I listed. 


Karissa: The first thing I want to say is... it's a marathon not a sprint! We are still decorating and have lived in our house for almost 3 years! But, I really don't ever want it to end!! We find a lot of our stuff at Target or Home Goods, and love Ikea for things like frames, mirrors, and even dressers/shelves! I also am constantly looking at the sale sections of Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn! (The Pottery Barn catalog is honestly my favorite for inspo!)


Why do you both only wear glasses sometimes?

Karissa: I have almost perfect vision (blessed). I went to the eye doctor because I cannot see clearly at night (or in a movie theatre) and they said I have a very mild astigmatism and said I don't really need glasses, but could get a mild prescription if I wanted, soooo now I have glasses that I wear sometimes!


Sam: My prescription is not blind, I'm only like -1.75 but I do wear glasses every weekday. When I sit down to work, I take my glasses off and switch them with my non-prescription blue light blocking glasses. I usually put contacts in on the weekends, which is why you will sometimes see me not wearing glasses. Or I'll take them off for a blog photo so they don't reflect! I also have about 25 pairs (oops)!


I'm looking for a colorful cardigan to wear for spring, which ones are you guys loving?

Sam: I love the texture on this one from Express and this pink bubble sleeve cardigan from Madewell is perfect for spring or Easter Sunday!


Karissa: I have been eyeing this bright striped sweater- it would be perfect with white jeans or denim shorts! I also love this sweater, and it looks light weight (which is perfect in the spring!) and comes in soooo many different colors!









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