my pregnancy realities

February 22, 2019



Hello there! Can you believe it's already the 3rd trimester!? I cannot believe we are in the final stretch of this pregnancy. I cannot wait to meet and snuggle our little man! And, while I'm excited about meeting him I'm also excited to just not be pregnant anymore. Has my pregnancy been rough? No... not really, and compared to some people I've had it pretty easy, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been miserable all the time. 


Common misconceptions:

"Oh, yes now my hubs will be so nice and tend to my every needs"-- maybe some are, but literally nothing changed with Brad, I feel like 90% of the time he forgets I'm pregnant.  All I want is some sympathy when the lil guy is kicking me in the rib... and maybe the occasional surprise cookie.


"Oh my gosh yes, the pregnancy glow"-- if this happened for you... YOU ARE LUCKY. My skin looks yucky, and I've had more pimples in the past 7 months than my entire life. Thank God for makeup!


"You look great" Do I? Because I feel overweight, and uncomfortable and there is grossness coming out of every pore on my body. Like, what's up with this bloody nose? Why are my gums bruised and bleeding? Why don't any of my clothes fit (ok, ok, I knew this would happen). I'm also just not doing well with the weight gain... I've been the same weight (plus or minus 5lbs) since I was like 17.... so this just all feels weird. And, my feet are KILLING me!! I love to move and walk around but, all this extra weight is making them sooooo sore after just a trip to the grocery. 


"Get all your sleep now, because once baby comes it's all down hill". Welp, I can't sleep a whole night through now!  I get to wake up every 2 hours just to PEE! And, then there is just the 2am I'm wide awake and ready for the day. Or wide awake at 6 when you have literally nothing to do that day. Woof, I suppose this is just my body preparing to wake up with screaming little man.


Pregnancy does have its advantages, like... have you seen baby clothes!? The CUTEST! And an excuse to redo an entire room in my house fresh from top to bottom... yaaaas! And, it means that a little bundle of poop, tears and joy will be joining our little squad! <3





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