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February 20, 2019

What are your favorite chick flicks/90s movies?

Karissa: I could watch Princess Diaries or The Devil Wears Prada all the time! These might be on my mind because I just recently watched them but I loveeee My Best Friends Wedding, Parent Trap, Clueless, and Pretty Women-- such classics! 


Sam: Every night we sit down to watch a movie I tell Zach I want to watch a Rom Com and he always wants to watch action! My favorite is probably 10 things I Hate About You and the Princess Diaries Movies. For a 90s movie, I would have to say the Jurassic Park Series. That series and Back to the Future are my favorite all time movies. 


What shoes are you wanting to buy for spring?

Sam: For a cute new pair of sneaks, I've been eyeing these each time I walk into DSW to get my nails done. I love the lavender color. For sandals, I love these and so glad Steve Madden finally came out with a dupe for the $600 Hermes pair. 


Karissa: I've been wanting a pair of mules like this or even this since last spring! I also love those Hermes dupes Sam mentioned! They're so versatile! And I'm loving the pearl detail on these sandals! Although, I may realistically be investing in a pair of birks or slip on vans for comfort once baby is here :)


What type of home decor do you go with in between Christmas and spring?

Karissa: I do nothing specific- usually just try and put out some colorful flowers and maybe a brighter colored table runner to get me through the winter blues. But, typically the only time I put anything out that's not out allll year is during fall or Christmas!


Sam: No home decor except lots of plants. As soon as January hits (or December 26th if we are being serious) I love having a clean slate in the house. I don't really put out any spring/Easter decorations just maybe some fresh tulips in the house. 


What is your favorite kind of bird and why?

Sam: Easy answer here, that would be the Blue Heron. It's my 'spirit' animal and anytime I see them flying around Columbus I feel like it's going to be a great day. You can spot them all around ponds and lakes and you can pick them out of the air easily because their flight path is completely straight. 


Karissa: lol. If you didn't know I'm terrified of birds! Like, I'll take a snake over a bird any day! So my favorite ones are the cartoon kind. 




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