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February 13, 2019


I feel so lost about what to wear out when the weather is shitty, any suggestions?

Karissa: I'm at the point where I feel like a grandma and usually wear more sensible things when going out vs. looking cute (can we talk about how in college we would go out in jeans and a tank top WITH NO COAT!?). Anyways, I'm all about jeans, booties, and a cute sweater (like this or this) or even a leather jacket with a cute tank underneath! 


Sam: I love this question! I also remember college where I would literally wear the same going out clothes as in the summer but with jeans instead. My go-to for going out now (which is a nice dinner since I'm old) would be these jeans, a tight turtleneck like this, and a moto jacket this this with booties


I'm traveling to LA the last week of April, would love a few cute outfit ideas. 

Karissa: I'm all about dresses when traveling. I'd pack a couple t-shirt dresses, sneakers for walking (I'm a big fan of Supergas!), a denim jacket and some accessories like a hat and big sunglasses!


Sam: I always try and pack cute clothes when traveling then end up wearing the same jeans and tshirt that I feel comfortable in. At least I know that in advance and bring a nice jacket. I would shoot for cute jeans like these, with a plain white tee that you could wear multiple times and a military jacket like this


How do you feel about overalls? Thinking about getting a pair of shorts or a skirt version.

Sam: LOVE them! I had a pair of shorteralls in high school and felt like the coolest chick in the world. I've been seeing a few pairs of white denim shorteralls lately and that would be perfect! These are on major sale from Madewell. I'm not sure how the skirt version would work because I feel like it would just pull up all day. 


Karissa: I am not sure I can pull them off, but if you can rock it!! I think that a classic denim shorts overall (I love these distressed ones) would be super cute in the spring/summer paired with sneakers and a tee!


How did your guys pick your engagement rings/did you have any say? My boyfriend and I have been discussing engagement rings and I don't even know where to start.

Karissa: Brad and I more or less picked out my ring together. We discussed it and I narrowed it down to two and he picked from there! I remember when we were ring shopping the guy told us to not pick something super trendy, because in a few years it'll be dated. I'm still obsessed with how classic and simple my ring is! 


Sam: I had a secret Pinterest board called Wedding and on it I had rings saved that I loved and Zach (with the help of Karissa) hacked into it and found pictures of rings. I also went shopping with Zach's sister the summer before I was engaged to try on settings and let Zach know what I loved. Fun fact, we got engaged within a week of each other! I had considered a trendier ring with a halo setting and ended up deciding against it and was glad I went with a classic round diamond. I would also recommend getting a lower setting if you are active and want to wear your ring all the time. I did, and am so happy I did because I'm not so worried about my ring hitting things or getting snagged on a sweater. 


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