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February 12, 2019

Both of us LOVE to get our nails done at the W Nail Bar. It's the perfect me time and the W nail bars are now located not only downtown but inside the DSW's at Easton and Polaris making it super convenient (with much more accessible parking!). The W is great because they don't do acrylics so there are no harsh smells, and its sooooo clean! We like to go together when we can and last visit we realized, even with a massive selection of colors we tend to usually get our same favorites over and over. Below is a massive list of our go-tos that'll maybe make picking a nail color easier for you!



These are the colors we get in gel. If you aren't a fan of gel you can get these in regular polish as well, they may just have a slightly different color. 


OPI Olive for Green - try getting this in a matte finish

OPI Funny Bunny - one of the best neutrals and has a lavender hue

Zoya Veronica - perfect moody maroon for Fall 

OPI Cajun Shrimp - Perfect summer Red

OPI Lisbon Wants Moor OPI - The best light pink! Neutral and goes with everything all year round

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark- If you're looking for a dark color, that's almost black with a hint of purple, this one is perfect!

OPI Taupe-Less Beach- This color is slightly purple, slightly taupe and perfect for spring!

OPI Less is Norse - The best navy blue with a slight hint of gray! Perfect all year round!


 We love hearing what colors you love! Let us know what your go-to colors are!



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