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January 30, 2019



This is very specific but I am looking for a long sleeve flowy white top for my engagement photos next week. My fiancé is planning on wearing an olive green button down for reference.

Sam: The first thing I think of when I hear this is Free People! I love this one and this one. If you are looking for something dressier, I just got this blouson sleeve shirt from Express and adore it. 


Karissa: I guess technically this isn't long sleeve but, this top would be perfect! I also really love this top- I think it would be so pretty in engagement photos!


Do either of you use natural deodorant? If so, which one??

Karissa: I do! I started wearing it when I got pregnant (you know because you freak out that everything is bad for you/baby)! I use this native deodorant - it's a little expensive but smells and works great! I do feel like I need to reapply sometimes, but all in all I love it!


Sam: I do on weekends and in the evenings and like Primal Pit Paste. You can buy it at Whole Foods. For regular day to day use, I have not found a natural deodorant that is strong enough to fend off my stress sweat BO. 


Karissa, what prenatal vitamin do you use?!

I've been using the Rainbow Light Prenatal since I was about 9 weeks pregnant (I used one-a-day before that!). I love it... at first, it made me gag (the natural flavor + no coating + pregnancy nausea is a terrible combo). It definitely made my pee neon at first but since then I've had no issues and love it!


I got a $50 gift card from Nordstrom for christmas, I want to buy something that I wouldn’t normally buy, what would you buy?! I can go over the gift card a little bit if needed!

Sam: Absolutely treat yourself to a new perfume! I don't own any of these but have heard raving reviews. This Santal 33, Miss Dior Blooming, and Diptyque (love that this one is a solid for traveling). 


Karissa: I love Sam's idea of a perfume! They have so many great options, or even a Diptyque candle! I would also look into some make up or skin moisturizers you may not usually want to spend that much on, a fun splurge! 


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