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June 21, 2019


Hard to believe that Charlie is already a month old! I've learned that a newborn does not actually need a bajillion things-- these are a few of the things that have gotten us through the first five weeks. This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own :)



boppy lounger this thing is the best-- it's perfect to put baby in when we are cooking, going to the bathroom, eating or just need a place to put him while we get some house work done!


freshly picked diaper bag I love this diaper bag- there is space for all the things I need to take little man out, plus its stylish so makes me feel like a cool

nuna tavo + pipa lite we love this stroller and car seat combo, it is light weight and just clicks together so it makes taking Charlie out super easy!





avent soothies binky Brad and I were very against pacifiers before Charlie got here, but cannot imagine life without one. These ones have been a life saver... well, more like a nipple saver 

swaddle me sleep sack-- babies love being swaddled- but, swaddle blankets can be annoying and not always tight enough, or easily broken by little man.  We've been loving these!

hatch night light-- Charlie is currently sleeping in our room at night, and while I would have thought a nightlight/sound machine was annoying... this thing has been perfect! It's nice because I don't have to turn on lights for nighttime feeding and it helps Charlie sleep so much better!





diaper caddy - This is so necessary esepecially if you live in a two-story house. We store all the necessities so we don't have to run up and down stairs every time Charlie needs a diaper change.

milk snob - this is not only cute, but, perfect for breastfeeding in public! This thing actually has several different uses and is sooooo soft!


burt’s bees burp cloths- I have these things EVERYWHERE! They are great for spit up and keeping my bra dry during breast feeding (I slip it under my boob). Plus, they are soft and cute!




zipper onesies - we've liked a lot of the zipper onesies we've used-- they make diaper changes and clothing changes a breeze, especially when your babe hates being naked like Charlie. Plus, I'm a sucker for a baby in footies :) Also, these magnetic onesies are a little on the pricey side but an absolute game changer!





What baby products are on your must-have list!?




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