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March 27, 2019



What do you think of the new barrettes trend?

Karissa: honestly, I think it depends how you wear them.. I don't really see myself rocking them but I think that  this one and this one are gorgeous! 


Sam: To be honest, I feel like my hair is too thin to wear barrettes but I don't hate the trend. I especially love a larger pearl style like this seen on Somewhere Lately. 


Have you tried Rent the Runway for their monthly clothing rental?

Sam: I recently heard that you can choose from several items for a monthly fee and you get to rent the pieces for the month then return and get all new items next month. I thought this was a great idea and immediately jumped on their site to check it out. It would only be around $60 for the first month, but I was so disappointed to find that the clothing was pretty 'out there.' They were not pieces that were classic or even pieces that I would consider wearing. For example: a sherpa lined jean jacket that is cropped or a lime green blazer. If they added newer items I would absolutely consider it though. You can check out the selection here


Karissa: I have not tried it! I did see that they had a ton of maternity clothes on there, which tempted me to try the monthly clothing rental, but, I do not get "dressed" enough for that kind of commitment! 


Karissa- Will you be doing a nursery reveal on the blog?!

Yes!! We have a second shower coming up, and most likely after that I will do it! There are still a few things we need to get done before I photograph it! But, the nursery is hands down my favorite room in the house so I'm excited to show y'all!


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